Company establishment

◆Procedure for establishing a "stock company"


In order to establish a corporation, the following procedures are required.


1 Preparation for establishment


First of all, it is necessary to decide the location of the office (location of the head office), the trade name, and the business purpose. In addition, if you want to apply for a business and management visa after the establishment of the company, there are conditions in the location of the office, so please be careful!


・In principle, it should not be an address and office.

・To actually set up an office, not a virtual office.


2 Create the Articles of Incorporation and receive certification


What are the Articles of Incorporation...

It stipulates the basic rules for the purpose of the company, organization, activities, members, business execution, etc.

After preparing the articles of incorporation of the corporation, it is necessary to obtain certification at the notary office that has jurisdiction over the location of the head office.

※The preparation of the Articles of Incorporation and the procedures for certifying the Articles of Incorporation can be done by an administrative scrivener.


3 Fulfillment of investment


We will invest in accordance with the amount and investment method stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation.


4 Application for registration


Once the payment is confirmed, we will apply for establishment registration with the Legal Affairs Bureau.

You can apply to the Legal Affairs Bureau yourself, but you can also ask our affiliated judicial scrivener.


5 Opening


Once the application is completed, you can start your business as a stock company.

※After registration, you will need to notify the tax office, social insurance office, labor inspection standards office, etc.



















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