Types of Visas in Japan (Japanese Visas)


Foreign visa, foreign employment, international marriage, divorce, inheritance, company establishment, construction industry, transportation business license

Foreigner VISA

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Flow from consultation to application


Step 1

Apply for an interview


Please apply from the free e-mail consultation form posted on our website.


Step 2



We will have an interview at our office.

(※If you are far away, you can also consult online.)

Please see the list of prices for consultation fees. If the contract is concluded, it will be deducted from the reward amount.

We will present the estimated amount according to the content of your consultation.

The reward amount is announced on the website, but after hearing your situation, we will give you an official quotation.


Step 3



If there is no problem with the quotation, it will be a formal contract.

In that case, you will be asked to fill in the contract and pay "starting fee = ※half of the reward amount".

※The other half will be paid as a success fee after the application permission.


Step 4

Explanation of required documents


After the contract is completed, we will explain the application procedure. We will explain carefully while checking the list of documents that need to be prepared according to the application content.


Step 5

Application preparation and confirmation


We will prepare the application documents based on the necessary documents prepared by the customer.Japanese translation of foreign language documents according to your request (Chinese, English, French ⇒ Japanese)After that, we will check the contents with the customer himself, and if there is no problem, we will proceed with the application.


Step 6



Apply to the Immigration Bureau.In some cases, we will respond to requests for submission of questionnaires and additional materials from immigration examiners and explain to customers.

Depending on the content of the application, the review period may vary. Please understand in advance.


Step 7

Get permission


Once the application is completed and you pass the examination, you will receive a notification to us.We will give you a new residence card received at the Immigration Bureau, so please come again.

Employment of foreigners

When obtaining a visa that matches the applicant's activities from 19 types of work visas, it is important to consult with experts such as administrative scriveners and social insurance labor consultants in advance in order to proceed without violating laws such as the Immigration Control Act and the Labor Law.

International marriage

The representative herself is also an international marriage experience. We support the spouse visa of Japanese wives and husbands who have married foreigners and those who have had an international marriage. I promise to do my best to get permission.

Divorce and international divorce

The representative herself is also an international divorce person. Please tell me the story first without worrying alone. I would be happy if my experience and knowledge could make your life brighter.


For that day that will surely come, for the family left behind, it is the perfect time for a healthy "now" to make a will. Please contact us.

Company establishment

What is a stock company?

For company establishment procedures such as starting a corporation, becoming a corporation of a sole proprietor, etc., please go to our administrative scrivener office. We will create it with the electronic articles of incorporation, so you can save 40,000 yen on the stamp fee. We will also advise you on the choice of Co., Ltd. and LLC.

Merits and demerits of establishing a stock company

A corporation is a corporate corporation with a mechanism to raise funds under limited liability from shareholders who have shares, conduct business by managers entrusted by shareholders, and distribute their profits to shareholders.

Procedure for establishing a stock company

1. Please write it on the hearing sheet and listen to the request of the visa (resideship status) applicant.


2. List the documents that the applicant needs to prepare


3. As soon as the preparation materials and documents arrive, we will start preparing a set of status of residence application documents.


4. Create a reason for application


5. Japanese translation of foreign language documents according to your request (Chinese, English, French ⇒ Japanese)


6. After completing the document preparation, please check with the applicant again and apply to the Immigration Bureau.


7. Response to requests for submission of questionnaires and additional materials from immigration examiners


8. Receiving the result notification ⇒ Report to the applicant

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