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Types of visas

To work/study/live in Japan, you need to be certified for eligibility and get an appropriate visa. A person can get only one type of visa at a time. If you are eligible for more than one, you need to choose one visa type. We can give you advices for your best choice!


foreign employment

When obtaining a visa that matches the applicant's activities from 19 types of work visas, it is important to consult with experts such as administrative scriveners and social insurance labor consultants in advance in order to proceed without conflicting with laws such as immigration laws and labor laws.

international marriage

The representative himself is also an international marriage experience. Support for the spouse visa of the Japanese wife and husband who married a foreigner and those who have had an international marriage. I promise to do my best to get permission.



international divorce

The representative herself is also an international divorce person. Please tell me the story first without worrying alone. I would be happy if my experience and knowledge could make your life brighter.



For that day that will surely come, for the family left behind, it is the perfect time for a healthy "now" to make a will. Please contact us. 





Company establishment

For company establishment procedures such as starting a corporation, becoming a corporation of a sole proprietor, etc., please go to our administrative scrivener office. We will also advise you on the choice of Co., Ltd. and LLC.


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I came to Fukuoka Japan after my graduation of French language and culture at Beijing Languages University at 1991.

I myself have experienced international marriage, divorce, permanent residence application, naturalization application, and starting a business.

Now as an administrative scrivener, after all the anxieties I felt at those times, I would be more than happy if I can be of help to those who come to me for consultation to make their future even a little brighter by sharing my experience and knowledge.

Our office is located between Ohori Park, a tourist attraction in Fukuoka. It is only 300m away from the U.S. Consulate in Fukuoka and within walking distance from the Chinese be of help and Korean’s.

Come to us to talk about your visa and your dream here in Japan!

Just let us help you.


Adam Immigration Law Office administrative scrivener

ADAM Reiko

※ Special skills: Chinese, English and French, although with different levels, I can speak all of them.

※ Hobbies: Gardening and cooking

My dream is to open a small restaurant & cafe surrounded by roses.




















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